Q: What do I need to provide?

A: The system comes with all the equipment you need.  All you need to provide are the guests and the movie.


Q: Do you set everything up?

A: Yes we make it as easy as possible by setting up the whole system for you.  We will even test your movie in the player if you have it ready for us.  You will just need to make sure someone is available to provide us access to your party setup location and power.


Q: How long do I have it for?

A: The system will be delivered to you on the date you have booked it for. We will pick the system up, the following day at an agreed time.


Q: How large is the screen?

A: The actual screen size (the white part) is approximately 2.5m diagonal).  The overall inflated screen dimensions are approximately 2.75m wide x 2.15m high x 1.1m deep.


Q: How much space do I need?

A: It is recommended that you have at least 4m width by 6m depth. The more space you have, the more people you can fit to watch a movie.  You will also need to ensure there are no overhead obstacles such as tree branches.


Q: Can I use it in an undercover area or indoors?

A: Absolutely!  With the overall height of 2.15m you will find the screen can fit under most patios, verandahs, sheds, as well as in larger indoor rooms.  If wet weather is threatening then an undercover or indoor area is a good backup plan to have.  The screen comes with sandbag-type weights, rather than pegs.  This allows it to be setup on just about any surface.


Q: What happens if it rains?

A: We offer a 'wet weather guarantee' which allows you to postpone your booking to another date (subject to availability) without loss of your payment. You have up until 5pm on the day prior to your booking to take advantage of this option, if bad weather is forecast.  We have found customers have very rarely used this option as the screen is small enough (2.75m wide by 2.15m high) to move to an undercover area or inside a shed or large indoor room during bad weather. Please note that none of the system components (screen, sandbags, projector etc.) can get wet.  You will need to ensure your covered area provides enough shelter for the whole system.


Q: What movies can I play?

A: The system comes with a Blu-Ray player so you can play any DVD or Blu-Ray disc of your choice from your own collection.


Q: Can I play a movie from a hard drive?

A: Whilst the systems have a USB input, we cannot guarantee compatibility of your particular USB or the files on it.  Whilst the USB may play without any problems, we recommend you have a laptop or other device to play your hard drive content.  The laptop or other device will need to be capable of connecting to the projector with the supplied HDMI lead.  Check that your laptop or other device has a HDMI output.


Q: Do I require a licence to screen a movie?

A: You are permitted to hold a private screening on your own property without a licence, however if you are unsure we encourage you to check whether your particular screening requires a licence.  Any public screenings, whether free or ticketed, require a licence.  If you would like to hold a public screening or fundraiser, please contact us for more information.


Q: What else can I use the system for?

A: It is great for playing games on a Wii, PlayStation or Xbox by simply connecting these to the projector via the included HDMI Lead. You can connect any other video device to the projector that uses either an HDMI connection (lead included) or standard video RCA connection (lead not included). The projector will automatically output audio to the supplied speaker system.  You can also use a gaming device or laptop computer to play any other content on the big screen and through the speaker system.  This could include YouTube videos, music videos, slideshows, and any other video content.


Q: What type of screen is it?

A: We use inflatable screens which you inflate with the included blower. The screens are mostly airtight, however you may need to occasionally top them up with air. We also provide sandbag weights to anchor the screen down on any surface without needing to put pegs in the ground.

Q: Is it easy to setup?

A: The Cinema Systems are very easy to setup.  Whilst we will come and do this for you and it is included in the hire price, in some situations you may prefer to set it up yourself and you are welcome to do so.  Full picture instructions are provided should you need them.  Pack-down is It is a DIY system and it is quite simple to setup. Instructions are provided with all systems and extras. If you have basic knowledge on how to connect video and audio devices at home, you most likely won’t require the assistance of the instructions provided. As direct sunlight can damage electronic equipment and the seals on the inflatable screen, you should not set the system up until about an hour before dusk. Remember that we can't guarantee the compatibility of any external equipment you may wish to use. You may need to change output settings on the devices for them to function.


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