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4.5M Outdoor Movie System:


This is a much larger and more professional backyard movie system and is suited to larger backyards, small fundraisers, sporting clubs and corporate events. The 4.5M Outdoor Movie System is suitable for an audience of up to about 100 people. The system comes complete with a larger sound system and more powerful projector. The Outdoor Cinema System comes with everything you need for a fantastic open air movie night in your own backyard:


  • 4.5m screen size on an inflatable frame – inflates in less than 5 mins! The overall inflated dimensions are 4.9m wide x 3.7m high x3.0m deep.  You will need some additional space for guy ropes, the projector placement, and of course your audience.

  • Powerful Projector with multiple inputs including HDMI & USB, plus a tripod stand.

  • Sound System – Large 2 speaker system.

  • Blu-ray player – plays DVDs & Blu-Ray discs.

  • Cables – power leads, audio leads & HDMI lead are all included to complete the system. All you need to do is run a power lead from your closest PowerPoint to where you want the system setup.

Backyard Cinema Hire

7M Outdoor Movie System:


This is a very large screen suitable for up to 500 people in a park, sports venue,
or on an acreage property. Whether it is a community fundraiser or corporate
event, this will certainly have everyone talking. This is a high‐tech system
which comes with the 7m diagonal screen size inflatable screen and blower,
high powered projector, and professional audio visual system including dual
blu‐ray players, sound system and audio mixer – just supply your own movie.

We provide the operator so you can relax and enjoy the event.

Also has the option to play sponsor slides, advertising videos or almost anything else you can think of.

The movie system requires power within a suitable distance (preferably 60m). Size: 7.1m(w)x4.4m(d)x5.3m(h) + space for guy ropes.

Backyard Cinema Hire

Public screenings of commercial films usually require a screening licence. 

For more information visit the Australian Copyright Council website.  

We can assist you to secure a licence, however we are unable to offer any advice.

We strongly recommend you research the requirements of your screening and contact

Amalgamated on 07 4787 1086 or Roadshow on 07 3343 9361.

You can see a full range of movies available via their respective websites.

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