Wondering what to watch on your Backyard Cinema System?


Check out the great range of options below

Blu-rays and DVDs

The easiest option, just hit play! 

Our systems all include a Blu-ray player capable of playing DVDs or Blu-ray Discs.



Our players are support Blu-ray region B (Australia) and DVD region 4 (Australia).  

Digital Files

Some USB sticks and hard drives can be played via the included Blu-ray player.

Note: We can not guarantee compatibility of all USB devices or files so we recommend you have a laptop computer with HDMI output as a backup device.

Streaming services 

You can access Netflix* or Youtube with our Smart Blu-ray player option.

Alternatively you can access streaming services by connecting a laptop, Apple TV, Chromecast or other streaming device via the HDMI input.


Note: Please check you have Wi-Fi coverage in the yard!


If you receive Foxtel via satellite dish where the box is connected to a wall-plate satellite dish connection via a coaxial/TV cable then  we need to move your box out to where the projector for your cinema system is. You would need to advise us and hire one or more of our 20m long coaxial/TV cable extension leads.

Gaming systems

You can connect your own Xbox, Playstation or other gaming system to our projector simply by plugging the HDMI cable from your device into   our projector.  If you are playing games requiring an internet connection then again just check that you have WiFi range where you would like the cinema system set up.

Other devices

Almost any device with a HDMI output can be connected up to our systems.

Note: if internet is required make sure you're able to access this at the chosen set up location

Sports and TV

Whether you're looking to watch the grand final or eurovision we've got you covered with our TV pack including Set-top box and coaxial lead.


We also have available portable antennas, coaxial cables and adaptors.  

*An account is required please visit Netflix.com for more details.

Where internet is required make sure your connection is suitable and that your wireless internet coverage reaches your desired set up location.

TV package requires access to a suitable antenna we cannot guarantee coverage please check with the television station for coverage information and test the reception before hand.

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