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Before looking for your particular problem in the list below, pull out the setup instructions which came with the Cinema System and which should be in the hard case.  Run through everything on the instructions to make sure everything is setup correctly and that you have power switched on to all of the equipment.


Problem: There is no image coming out of the projector.

Possible Solution(s):

1. Is the Projector on?  The power button on top of the projector should be green when switched on.  Press the button once and it will come on after a short warm-up period.  If there is no light at all then make sure all your power leads and power switches are turned on, including at the house power point.

2. Check the lens cap is off.  The cap is on the front of the projector.  It simply pulls off. 


Problem : The image isn't clear on the screen.

Possible Solution(s):

1. Is it dark enough for the image to be clear?  The projectors only work at night or in dark places.  If there is still light then wait until it is darker.

2. The image may not be in focus.  Twist the lens on the front of the Projector backwards and forwards until you get a sharp image on the screen.  Be careful not to touch the glass lens with your fingers.


Problem:  The image is too large or too small on the screen.

Possible Solution(s):

1. Check the projector is about 4m back from the screen.  If the image is too large for the screen then carefully lift up the tripod and projector and move it closer to the screen until you get the desired size.  If the image on the screen is too small then move the tripod and projector further back.


Problem: The image on the screen says "No Source Found" or isn't showing the vision from the Blu-Ray Player.

Possible Solution(s):

1. Check the HDMI lead is correctly connected to both the Blu-Ray Player and the Projector.

2. The input/source on the Projector may be set to something other than 'HDMI'.  Point the white remote control at the projector and press the 'Source' button until the screen displays 'HDMI'.  After a short wait, the vision from the Blu-Ray Player should display.


Problem: The movie is playing and I can see the pictures on the screen but the audio isn't coming out of the speakers at the front of the screen, or the audio is only coming out of the projector.

Possible Solution(s):

1. Check the long audio lead is plugged at one end into the 'Audio Out' jacks on the side of the projector and the other end is plugged into the audio jacks on the back of each speaker immediately in front of the centre of the screen.

2. Check that the 'power' switch on the rear of both of the speakers is on and that the volume dial is turned up at least half way.

3. If the audio is coming out of the projector then point the white projector Remote Control at the projector and press the volume 'down' button until the volume disappears.  Note that this won't affect the volume of the sound coming out of the speakers in front of the screen.


Problem: The Blu-Ray Player won't play my disc.

Possible Solution(s):

1. Make sure you are pointing the black Blu-Ray Remote Control at the front of the Blu-Ray Player and pressing the 'Play' button.  If it still doesn't respond and no other functions on the Remote Control seem to work then try changing the battery(ies) in the Remote Control.  You can even 'borrow' the battery(ies) from the white projector Remote Control.

2. Occasionally, players won't play a particular disc.  This could be due to marks on the disc, a firmware issue, or for other unknown reasons.  possible solutions to this include either trying a different disc, or use your own player or laptop to play the disc.  You can simply pull the HDMI lead out of our supplied Blu-Ray Player and connect it to your own player or laptop instead.


Problem: I have put a USB in the USB slot on the Projector but nothing happens.

Possible Solution(s):

1. Use the white Projector Remote Control and press the 'Source' button until the screen displays either 'USB 1' or 'USB2', depending which slot you have put it into.  After a short delay you should be able to sense the USB menu on the screen.  Navigate this menu using the arrows and 'OK' buttons on the Remote Control.

2. If the issue is with the USB not displaying or playing the particular file you want to play then it could be because the Projector isn't compatible with your USB or with the file type you are wanting to play.

Stall having issues? Give us a call on (07) 30360999

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