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Enjoy a night out in your own backyard

Thanks to our state-of-the-art systems you can enjoy the open air cinema experience in your own backyard!

We provide you with a complete cinema system all you need to do is pick a movie!

Best of all if you live within 20km by road (excluding toll roads) of the Brisbane CBD we deliver and set it up for you for no additional charge.

Check out some of the exciting uses below:

Kids Birthday Parties:


Tired of the kids running around at parties? Would you like them to sit still for an hour or two so the parents can finally relax and socialise a little? The coolest new kids party idea is our backyard cinema hire system. Just put on a hit movie from your collection and watch as they sit mesmerised by the moving pictures! Great for kids of all ages – just choose your movie or movies suited for the age group.

Backyard Cinema Hire
Backyard Cinema Hire

Tween or Teen Parties:


Let them choose their own movies or T.V series for best results! For something different let them camp out over night watching movies, after all you have the movie system all night! Mix things up by playing YouTube or music videos on the big screen, or connect your gaming system (Wii, Xbox, PS) for extra fun! Check our FAQ section to see how simple this is!

Live Sports:


Grab a set-top box and a T.V coaxial extension cable from us to connect your outdoor cinema system to your T.V antenna wall socket. Now grab your family and friends to watch the big game! Great for: State of Origin, Friday night Footy or any evening sports.

Backyard Cinema Hire
Backyard Cinema Hire

Date nights and movie parties:


Movie nights aren’t restricted to the kids; grab 20 of your closest friends and family for your birthday party with a couple of movies under the stars. How about a nice romantic outdoor cinema with just you and your partner?  Great personal birthday idea or sure to impress on Valentine's Night!

Pool Party:


A novel idea for those warm evenings.  Let the kids float around in the pool whilst watching a movie on the big screen.  No splashing now kiddies!


Backyard Cinema Hire

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