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Looking for something a bit more filling than Popcorn?


Our hotdog warmers are the perfect low effort catering solution.


Simply add water, dogs and turn on the machine. It will slowly warm your dogs for an authentic taste.


For the full experience add the buns to the top shelf for a soft and warm bun. Almost like they've just come out of the oven!


Our hot dog machines are perfect for anyparty but highly recommended for sports viewing to complete the stadium like experience.


- machine
- serving tongs


Hotdogs, buns and condiments are not included. 


Standard Hotdogs, buns and condiments from your local grocer work best.

Hot Dog Machine

  • This warmer is designed to heat pre-cooked hotdogs and is not suitable for raw or uncooked meats. 

  • When you're finished;

    1. Remove any unused food.
    2. Unplug the power
    3. Drain the water (simply turn the ball valve on the side)
    4. Wipe down inside and out with a soft cloth and white vinegar 

    Once back at our warehouse equipment is sanitized in accordance with our health and safety policies.

    If you haven't got time just let our staff know and we can clean this for you (additional fees apply).

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